Eddy Family Home 2021

Eddy Family Home 2021



Our Family Started Youtube back in 2019 not knowing that we would meet so many new friends and some are like family. After 1 year posting videos on Youtube we decided that we would purchase some property out in the country and start a Homestead.


We have had several people ask if they could help us along our journey. Please don't feel obligated that you have to do this. 


We have had several people already send stuff and it would make us feel better to at least give something back.

If you choose to help us along our journey please choose one of the piece of wood cuts from our Homestead.

Black $50.00

Blue $100.00

Turquoise $200.00

Red $300.00

Purple $500.00


This is the stuff we our going to be needing in the next couple of weeks. 8 loads of 2" limestone gravel the road has to be a minimum of 4-inches deep. 8 x $225.00

7 loads of seven loads of dirt. 7 x $150.00

6 loads of 3/4 inches crusher run limestone, a minimum of 2- inches deep. 6 x $225.00

700 feet of 2" Pex pipe for the waterline $2800.00