Rustic American Flag


Rustic American flag. The union is navy blue and the wood straps has ruffles cut in to them. The flag is handcrafted from 18 individual pieces of wood. This piece of art comes in Three different sizes:
Wide x Tall

30" x 16.3/4"
37.1/2” x 19.1/2”

This flag is definitely going to be a centerpiece of your home. Beautifully crafted from 18 individual pieces of wood, torched, stained, then polyurethaned to an awesome gloss finish. Each flag is made to order and will be handcrafted with the highest level of quality. Quaility is our top priority.


Our goal is to have a 1 week or less turnaround time for each order, but in case in high order volumes please allow for a 2 week lead time after placing your order.